Appearance Medicine

“I have really enjoyed making patients feel good about how their teeth look. I have always had an interest in creating beautiful smiles, and after completing the injectables course it sparked an interest into anti-wrinkle injectables to enhance patients look. I believe in creating natural looks for clients. We have had great success creating natural looks that enhance clients natural features.”


Why use a Dentist for Injectables & Appearance Medicine?

As a Dentist we are trained in facial anatomy. As specialists, we have a proven track record of patient assessment, development of an individualized injection strategy, and proper injection techniques. We also fully understand the muscles, fat pads, vasculature, nerves, and bone structures within the facial area, and how the area changes with aging.  We have also the met and surpassed rigid standards for a Dental surgery. You can rest assured you are in the safest place to get your treatments applied.


We offer fully discrete procedures from our surgery and patient confidentially as a health care professional.


Your treatment could be as low as $250 for a treatment for one area – billed under the Victoria Liu Dental umbrella.




“I am trained and qualified to administer injectables for relief of jaw and facial pain and appearance medicine. In terms of patient jaw and facial pain and discomfort, we have seen some remarkable changes for patients allowing many to live a more pain-free life. Our most rewarding outcome has seen a patient have her first full night sleep in years.”